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The benefits of physiotherapy for the elderly are well established. Whether we are talking about preventing falls, treating balance disorders or managing pain, physiotherapy plays an essential role in improving the quality of life of patients.

What would you say if all of these benefits were available in the reassuring comfort of your living room? This is the principle of physiotherapy at home!

In this article, Shumaya Patients Care, invites you to learn more about physiotherapy at home and its many benefits for the elderly.

What is home physiotherapy?

Whether they are physiotherapists or physiotherapy technologists, physiotherapy professionals can offer treatments and follow-ups by coming to your home. Home physiotherapy is offered by mostly the private sector (eg, a private clinic or Companies providing Patients Homecare Services.)

Physiotherapy professionals who work from home in private can offer their services in private and public establishments, because this private care is accepted in all establishments.

Everyone can have access to physiotherapy at home: the elderly, children, mothers, athletes, workers, road accident victims (SAAQ), veterans, etc.

The treatments performed at home are the same as those offered in the clinic. Most private insurance companies do not differentiate between treatment given in a private clinic and treatment given at home.

The elderly and physiotherapy at home

For older people, physiotherapy can help treat and prevent many problems. The main objectives are to allow these patients to remain active, to limit their pain and to remain as independent as possible in order to delay accommodation in a residence for the elderly (or hospitalization). These goals are the same whether the treatment is offered in a clinic or at home.

Main Objectives for Physiotherapy at home

  • Prevention of falls
  • Treatment and relief of chronic or acute pain
  • Treatment of dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Follow-up after stroke or heart surgery
  • Management of pain and some symptoms of chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s , multiple sclerosis , amyotrophic lateral sclerosis , etc. any many others.

Physiotherapy session at home includes

Discussion about your state of health and your needs
Feedback on your treatment and questions

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