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Elder Care At Home


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Old age is an undeniable fact. Old people are as vulnerable as babies are. The worst thing in old age is loneliness and isolation.

 We understand that in this competitive world we have not much time to spend with our parents and grandparents.

Sometimes you must have felt guilty that you are unable to give much time to your old parent. They are feeling lonely and isolated. You know that they need your attention but you have a lot of other commitments.

You are right, they have done much for you. It’s your turn now. They don’t deserve to be lonely and isolated.

We are here to help you.

our elder care assistants take full care of your loved ones. They are trained to do every basic job like giving them a meal, helping them in bathing. They also have medical training to take care of their special medical needs.

Our aim is not only to provide assistance but companionship. We involved them and keep them engaged in different activities which give them a purpose to live healthy and strong.

Call us on 03214682605 to discuss the special needs of your elders and book our trained and qualified elder health care provider.

Our Elder Care Services Include

Nursing Care

Nursing elderly people as per medical conditions and requirements.

Medication Assistance

Medication assistance as per doctor directions.

Transportation Assistance

To and from Hospital and clinic.


Hair cut, shave, nail care.

Mobility Assistance

Helps individuals get out of their homes.


Assistance with feeding & meal plans.

Bathing and Hygine

Maintaining physical well being.

Transferring And Positioning

Medical guided techniques for movement.

Medical Equipment

Rental and sale of required equipment.


The high degree of compassion.

Our Elder Care Plans

Medication Avoid Unnecessary Hospitalization

A growing number of adults – approximately four out of five – are currently taking at least one medication while nearly one-third of adults take more than four prescription medications at the same time. Remembering to take medications on time is a big challenge, especially for the elderly. Your PrivaCare attendant can assist with reading labels and reminding seniors to take their appropriate medications while keeping full charting and documentation to relay back to their physician or doctor.


At PrivaCare we know that frequent trips to the hospital can not only be time consuming but also physically taxing or not possible by elders. Our senior care package includes transport to and from Doctors Hospital Lahore as well as a dedicated staff guide during your visit to the hospital. Your staff guide will help with any registration, assist you in locating your required doctor or visiting room, as well as help expedite the entire process ensuring your hospital stay is as short as possible.


Maintaining a senior’s dignity is very important. Our trained Professionals understand how it may be uncomfortable to need assistance with toileting or incontinence care. That’s why there is a high degree of compassion and concern about making sure that client’s dignity is maintained when providing these services.

Transferring and Positioning

Moving and placing clients in correct posture position helps promote health and safety and proper functioning. Proper transferring and positioning from or into beds and chairs eliminates pressure areas on the skin, reduces weakening and stiffening of muscles, and encourages proper breathing and digestion.

Bathing and Hygiene

Seniors often need help with bathing and basic hygiene due to limited mobility and reach. These services are important in maintaining the client’s physical well-being and often also have an impact on their mental well-being. Being clean and having a more attractive appearance can give seniors a new outlook and help decrease depression.

Mobility Assistance

PrivaCare provides clients with mobility assistance which can include getting out of their home. Being able to move about often helps build stamina and can also lead to improvements in increasing energy levels.

Feeding Assistance
Whether it is the result of an accident or another medical reason, there are individuals who may need assistance with feeding themselves. The trained Care Professionals from Interim PrivaCare can provide the necessary support and make sure that every effort is made to understand the individual and their eating requirements as directed by their overseeing medical professional.

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