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Why home help for the elderly?

To ensure home support for the elderly, the use of carers is essential. These personal service professionals will be able to take over the tasks of daily life by intervening in the homes of beneficiaries. In relay of the caregivers, they carry out essential acts such as the toilet, the maintenance of the home… and become a reference point for the elderly by keeping them company.

What can I ask a home help?

When the elderly find themselves in a situation of loss of autonomy , this does not necessarily mean that they must move to a retirement home.

Their home support can be translated in several ways:

– Home maintenance: this can range from the traditional service of a housekeeper with a few hours of weekly cleaning, to more regular maintenance (windows, ironing)

-Meals: shopping, cooking, serving balanced menus… the home help cooks for -or with- the person as needed.

– Hygiene: the carers are trained to ensure the toilet of the elderly in their care.

– Remote assistance : this is another form of remote support, which ensures the safety of the elderly by remaining reachable in all circumstances.

– Administrative procedures: the specialized agencies can also offer the services of interveners to take care of all that is administrative.

-Quality of life: the elderly, if they are isolated, also need company, someone who reads to them for example or who is present to discuss and play.

Home helpers also have a social role, that of maintaining a link with the outside world. This contributes to a pleasant living environment and maximizes the chances of successful and sustainable home care.

What, on the other hand, you will not be able to ask a caregiver is the coverage of care. It is a liberal nurse who will intervene, moving if necessary.  Contact the practice closest to you Shumaya Patient Care Services who can organize home care, which must be done by the medical profession.

What are the advantages of professional home help?

Daily life with a person with a loss of autonomy can prove to be burdensome for those close to them. Sometimes we do not have the required strength (in the case of an elderly spouse), or not the availability to do it, if we work for example.

On the other hand, even if one is very available, resorting to a professional makes it possible to ensure the quality of the intervention. To take a toilet, to take an example, it can be learned. Over time, this can become exhausting, while we could save ourselves to promote more enjoyable moments of life: walks, discussions at tea time …

In fact, you have three solutions for using home help: direct recruitment, use of an agent and the provider. Choosing a service provider allows you to completely relieve the administrative burden. We are a client of the agency, not an employer. The agency introduces you to people it has already selected, who have experience and the qualities required for this type of work. This is what Shumaya Home care offers , you can directly request a quote on our site.

It is physical work and requires great flexibility, especially in schedules, to provide support for nights and weekends for example. Going through a professional allows them to benefit from their selection work on the right profiles.

You can contact Shumaya Home Care Services to hire professional staff to support the daily life of your elderly loved ones.


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